"Thanks for helping me bring my Spouse to US

I contacted Mr. Gherasimov to help me bring my wife to US. My wife recently received the immigrant visa. The attorney was cordial, professional and always answered my questions and concerns. I highly recommend his services!"

O. (2017)

"My lawyer was very helpful. I could call him any day at any time. If he was busy, he would call back as soon as he was able to. He explained to me a lot of things, actually send me emails concerning my case. He kept in touch with me and always let me know what`s happening with my case. And we won the case. I`m looking forward working with him again, if needed."


E. (2016)

“Mr. Gherasimov provided me with excellent immigration services. He was prompt in responding, respectful, knowledgeable and his fees were fair. During my interview, the immigration officer told me that Mr. Gherasimov is a very good attorney and also, in my presence, praised him for his professionally prepared applications. Of course, I was approved for green card and I am deeply convinced that hiring Mr. Gherasimov to represent me was the best decision that I have made.”


Veaceslav (2015)

"Thank you for your help with E-2 treaty investor visa!

I hired Mr. Gherasimov to advise me what is the best option for me to invest in the United States. I was interested to also come to US, along with my family, so I can direct and develop the business. That is when he recommended the E-2 visa. Once we started working together he pushed me hard to get all necessary documents and after he filed the application I was called for an interview within several weeks. I believe that because the application was well prepared and also because I was well prepared for the interview, my interview lasted less than 10 minutes, with very few questions asked. Once Mr. Gherasimov started working on my case, several of my friends also hired him and the E-2 treaty investor visa was approved for all of us, including dependent visas for our families. I will certainly continue to recommend Gherasimov Law Firm's services, and in particular, Mr. Gherasimov!"

Alex (2017)

"I was fortunate to work with Mr Oleg on the paperwork for applying for B-1 VISA and I had a wonderful experience. The work was done in a timely manner, very professional and excellent results. I will not hesitate to contact him again!"


Alina (2015)

“I hired Oleg for my immigration application for a k1 visa. He helped me every step of the way and got to know my case with great detail. A very professional and sharp individual. We ran into an unexpected problem but he handled it with great professionalism and solved our problem quickly. I recommend Oleg over any attorney in town!”


Armando (2015)

"My E-2 status was approved!

I think Mr. Gherasimov is an attorney who is dedicated to his clients and focuses on every detail of a case. He is very prompt and determined to help his clients achieve the results that they wish to accomplish. Mr. Gherasimov filed an application to extend my B-2 status, then filed an application with USCIS for a change of status to E-2 treaty investor. USCIS is known to be difficult with E-2 visas because they prefer that these be filed abroad with the consulate. However, after responding to a lengthy Request for Evidence, my change of status was approved. My wife request for change of status and employment authorization was also approved. We couldn't be any happier."

                                                                  Nicolae P. (2016)

“Ladies and gentlemen, just like you, I was going through dozens of different reviews trying to find the best attorney about a year ago. Just like you I had many doubts... I finally decided to go with an attorney who's reviews were excellent. Our very first appointment, she didn't show up and I should have listened to my instinct and found someone else. Instead, I decided to give her another chance. Deposit was paid and I had hopes of completing all the paperwork and sending it to the USCIS within 2 month. Three months had gone by and since she hasn't done a single thing. Needless to say, the attorney was fired. After a week or so of my new search, a friend of mine mentioned Oleg and gave him a very good recommendation. I wasn't sold (having had such a terrible experience with my previous attorney), I decided to give him a chance anyway. I spoke on the phone with him and explained my situation. He was very understanding. And also very knowledgeable. I don't think there was a single question he didn't know the answer to. I was amazed. I decided to hire him and we met within a few days. Communication level was beyond excellent. All my emails and questions were answered in timely manner and I felt very confident because of him. We were able to submit all the paperwork within two weeks. Within next 3 months I received my work authorization. Oleg was very helpful and prepared us for the interview. Within 6 month after we submitted our documents, we got our interview. I am so very thankful to him, his professionalism, sense of urgency. He is knowledgeable, respectful, polite. It was a great pleasure working with him. I highly recommend him. As for me personally, I will never use services of another attorney but him. Thank you very much, Oleg. You are a life saver!”


Olha (2015)

“One of the best lawyers. Every time when I had a question he knew the answer. Really prompt regarding the correspondence. I will definitely recommend him, especially with immigration cases.”


Maria (2015)

“Mr Gherasimov prepare my papers and myself for the

immigration interview. I can say that I was very impressed how professional and perfect job he did for me. I highly recommend!”


Vasile (2015)

“Oleg helped me to prepare for immigration interview. Put a lot of attention in my case, so I got prepared very well, even over prepared, the thing that I liked. Working with him was very easy, he got involved quickly. I highly recommend him as an attorney and consultant.”


Andrei (2015)

"I contacted Mr. Gherasimov after he answered several questions that I posted in an online forum. Mr. Gherasimov has provided me with valuable advice that helped me make a decision regarding E-2 and EB-2 visas. He was cordial, very professional and patiently explained every option that I had. His advice and personal attention helped me make a fully informed decision and I am very grateful for that. I will keep working with Gherasimov Law Firm and I will gladly recommend their immigration services to all my friends."


Virgil P. (2015)

"E-2 treaty investor visa approved!!

I had a great collaboration with Mr. Gherasimov. He helped me decide between the different types of US Visa options for me and my family. Once I decided that the E-2 treaty investor visa was the best option for me, he guided me through the entire process. Mr. Gherasimov timely answered my emails and calls and also charged me a very very reasonable fee for his services. Ultimately, my E-2 visa was approved (in Bucharest), and as result, my entire family, wife and children also received dependent E-2 visas. We can't be any happier with Mr. Gherasimov's services and I highly recommend him."

Max (2017)

"I was confused about to extend my visa or not and I decided to call Mr. Gherasimov as I knew him as a very professional lawyer so he gave me all the information about my possibilities. I chose to listen to his advice and follow the steps of the nonimmigrant visa and even if I was doing everything in the last day thanks to Mr. Gherasimov I received my approval very soon."


Olesea M. (2015)

"I contacted Mr. Gherasimov to discuss my immigration options and I hired him after he advised what are my options. He was professional and provided me with very good information that led to my application for non-immigrant visa to be approved. I received my approval much sooner than I expected. I highly recommend his immigration services."


Inga (2014)

*While these are our clients, whose cases were successful, please note that these testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.