Expedited Appointment for a U.S. Visa

Emergency Appointments or Expedited Appointments are available for applicants with genuine emergencies. These appointments are granted on a limited basis based on medical and humanitarian grounds. The criteria for emergency appointment vary by the country. Prior to the appointment ascertain whether you have documentary evidence to prove the emergency. In addition to the required documents, you need to provide additional documents to prove the emergency. If your visa was rejected, you cannot take an emergency appointment for a year from the date of rejection. Also, it is recommended that you do not make any travel plans before you get the emergency appointment and your visa is approved.

Types of Emergencies and their required documentations

Medical Emergency

Purpose of travel is to obtain emergency medical care, or to accompany a relative or employer for emergency medical care.

The required documents are:

  1. A letter from your doctor describing the medical condition and why you are seeking medical care in the United States.

  2. A letter from the physician or hospital in the United States indicating that they are prepared to treat the case and providing the approximate cost of the treatment.

  3. Evidence of how you will pay for the cost of the treatment.

Illness/Injury of Family Member

Purpose of travel is to attend to an immediate family member (mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent or grandchild) who has suddenly fallen seriously ill or had an accident in the United States.

The required documents are:

  1. A letter from the physician or hospital confirming and describing the illness or injury.

  2. Evidence that the sick or injured person is an immediate relative.


Purpose of travel is to attend the funeral of or make arrangements for repatriating the body of an immediate family member (mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent, or grandchild) in the United States.

The required documents are:

  1. A letter from the funeral director stating the contact information, the details of the deceased and the date of the funeral.

  2. You must also present evidence that the deceased is an immediate relative.


The purpose of travel is to attend to a business matter where the travel requirement could not be predicted sufficiently in advance. Most business travel is not considered an emergency. Please explain why travel plans could not be made in advance.

The required documents are:

A letter from the corresponding company in the United States and from the foreign company attesting to the urgency of the planned visit, describing the nature of the business and the loss if an emergency appointment is not available.


Evidence of a necessary training program in the United States of three months duration or less, to include letters from both the foreign employer and the U.S. company providing the training. Both letters should include a detailed explanation of the training and explain why either the U.S. or foreign company will suffer a significant loss of opportunity if an emergency appointment is not available.

Students/Exchange Students

Students or exchange students who have to attend or resume a valid education program in the US within 60 days can apply for an emergency appointment if no regular visa appointment is available. The emergency appointment is limited to applicants who have not been refused a visa in the last six months at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy.

The required documents are:

  1. Evidence the student has paid the SEVIS fee (if applicable).

  2. Original Form I-20 or DS-2019 proving that the start date of the education program is within 60 days.

Expedited Appointment Procedure

• Schedule a regular appointment. Before you can schedule your appointment, you must complete DS-160 form, pay the non-refundable visa fee, etc.

• Send an emergency appointment request to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. This procedure varies with the country. Make sure to fill out all required fields.

• Generally, within two business days after you send your request, based on the circumstances, you will receive an email from the Consular Section approving or denying the emergency request. If your emergency appointment is approved, the email will include additional instructions. If your request is denied, your regular appointment is still valid.

• When you go for the interview, you must have documentary evidence to prove that you satisfy one or more of the criteria for an emergency appointment.


• If the consular officer finds that you have misrepresented your case, such record will go in your file and may adversely influence the outcome of your current and future visa applications.

• If the consular officer finds that you don’t have a genuine emergency that requires an emergency appointment, you will be asked to come back later on your regular appointment date.

• Even during an interview at an emergency appointment, you are treated as a normal visa applicant. You must qualify for a U.S. visa in every respect.

• Please note that the emergency appointment does not expedite the delivery of a visa.

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